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Our Philosophy

Physiotherapy seeks to identify factors in everyday life and posture which predispose to, or provoke injury. These factors are addressed with research-based treatments and practical strategies for management in everyday life. At physiozone your time is spent one-on-one with your physiotherapist, in an environment which is friendly, relaxed and individually-focused - we pride ourselves on providing excellent physiotherapy treatment in a highly professional and uniquely personal clinical setting.

We offer you personal, professional "hands on" services, ensuring you notice a positive change with each visit. Our philosophy involves joining with you in restoring your optimal level of health and fitness. Together, we will make a difference to your life.

We believe that the key to getting good results and minimising recurrences of injuries is to educate you about your body and get you involved in the solution.

  • We will locate the real cause of your injury and pain.
  • Treat the cause of your condition - not just your symptoms.
  • Educate you in injury prevention to STOP relapses.
  • Get you back to your regular lifestyle FAST!

Staying fit and healthy is not always easy - sometimes you need help. The 21st century drive to maintain a positive & healthy lifestyle can lead to injury. Whether it's a slip in the garden, an odd twist in the office or a hard knock on the football pitch, injuries can interrupt your life - making every day tasks very uncomfortable. At physiozone we understand this, which is why we do our utmost to help our clients recover as fast as possible, and as easily as possible. We take our clients' concerns very seriously and appreciate how frustrating it is not to be able to do the things you want - whether that's sitting comfortably to watch a film, running 26km or simply getting a restful night's sleep.

We do ask all patients to arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the initial consultation. You will receive a welcome pack with some documents to fill out prior to your consultation.


Our Services

Neck and back pain, sporting injuries, headaches, motor vehicle accidents (MVA), WorkCover injuries, joint pain, muscle pain and tightness, muscle imbalance, chronic pain and more ... Not sure if we can help? Just ask!

comprehensive client assessment & treatment

Your appointment is devoted entirely to you, we do not treat more than one client at the same time, you can be assured of our full attention during your appointment. We seek to understand the cause of your problem, not just treat the symptoms.

dry needling - level 1 and 2 (APA accredited)

Marion has completed APA accredited training in trigger point dry needling, a technique used to restore muscle balance and joint mobility and reduce pain, through the use of acupuncture needles stimulating trigger points.

orthopaedic/post surgical rehabilitation

We conduct post-operative rehabilitation for a number of surgeons in South Australia.

gym rehabilitation/exercise programs

Located in Zone Health and Fitness, our clients have access to state of the art gym equipment and classes. Programs can be set up by physiotherapists or may be referred to rehabilitation qualified personal trainers for ongoing management.

return to work SA (workcover)

Marion treats work injuries under the Return to Work SA (WorkCover scheme). This involves close liaison with case managers, treating medical practitioners and the workplace as required. Please bring referral and copy of WorkCover certificate to initial appointment.

veterans affairs (DVA) provider

physiozone is registered to provide services for DVA clients. Please bring your referral and card to initial appointment.

enhanced primary care (EPC) provider

physiozone bulk bills the medicare-funded EPC program, no out of pocket expense for the client. Please bring your referral and card to your initial appointment.

injury prevention programs

Personalised prevention programs are developed following assessment aimed at identifying areas of imbalance and potential injury related to your own specific circumstances.

motor vehicle accidents

Marion currently treats clients involved in motor vehicle accidents with approved claims. Please bring referral to initial appointment.

Mindfulness-Based Stillness Meditation (8 week course)

The MBSM course is structured to enable participants to develop and practice each week, building their skill-set to ultimately perform MBSM independently. Practicing over this 8 week time-frame creates a habitual pattern for the participant, integrating mindfulness into daily life. Some of the benefits of MBSM include:

  • stress reduction
  • improved clarity
  • improved memory
  • improved focus and intention
  • improved immune system
  • improved sleep
  • emotional stability

Course dates for 2023 to be advised.

More information

Guided Imagery Meditation (6 week course)

Guided Imagery can be used to assist with improvement in work performance, dealing with stressful situations (e.g. public speaking, giving presentations, interview processes and more) through the development of inner peace, goal setting and inner rehearsal. Primary benefits of the 6 week Guided Imagery course include:

  • mastering the technique of inner rehearsal - providing the tools that enable us to use our mind deliberately to train ourselves to improve performance and reduce stress/anxiety
  • accomplishing goals - enabling us to use our mind deliberately to follow through and accomplish our goals or good intentions - "the mind functions as a goal-orientated, decision-making tool"
  • changing habits and/or beliefs
  • accelerated healing (mind-body medicine)
  • introduction to mindfulness and stillness meditation
  • introduction to self-compassion

Course dates for 2023 to be advised.

Contemplation Meditation (4 week course)

The 4 week Contemplation Meditation course can be used to meet the needs of modern problem solving by:

  • increasing creativity and problem solving
  • improving clarity of thought and informing goal setting
  • leading to powerful insights

Course coming soon!

Meet The Team

Marion is a member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association.

Marion Turner

Director & Principal Physiotherapist

BAppSc(Physio), GradCertPhysio(Sports)
Trigger Point Dry Needling (GEMT) -
level I and II
Meditation Teacher Training - Modules 1 and 2 (Gawler Cancer Foundation)
Registered Meditation Teacher (MAA), therapeutic and personal development.

Full Member of Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine

Current client base


Our History

physiozone established by Marion Turner.

Introduced PosturePro digital assessment.

Mindfulness-based stillness meditation courses and classes commenced.


It depends ...

If your injury is a WorkCover claim, motor vehicle accident claim or Department of Veteran's Affairs claim, then yes, you do need a referral from your GP or Specialist.

If you are claiming under the EPC (Enhanced Primary Care) package through the Medicare system, then you need a referral from your GP also.

For all other situations, you can simply refer yourself. We will communicate with your treating Dr as required.
This will obviously vary depending on your condition. We will outline what we feel will be the most likely scenario during your first visit. We aim to save you time and money, providing comprehensive treatment and education at each session, keeping the number of sessions you need to a minimum.
Payment for private treatment is made on the day of treatment. EFTPOS and HiCaps facilities are available for your convenience, allowing you to claim your private health rebate immediately, so you only have to pay the gap.

EPC, WorkCover, motor vehicle accidents and DVA claims are sent directly to the insurer by us.
Please give us as much notice as possible if you need to cancel an appointment, so another client can make use of the slot. A cancellation or non-attendance fee of $30 will be charged if less than 2 hours notice is given (obviously, consideration is given for exceptional circumstances). This fee is payable by you even if you are a WorkCover or motor vehicle accident claimant - not the insurer.
At your first visit, you will be thoroughly assessed so a diagnosis can be made, a treatment plan established, the recommended action plan will be discussed with you and we will commence treatment. It sounds a lot, and it is, we aim to make the most out of every visit with you. Your recovery will start at your first visit.
No, we offer treatment in private rooms so what you discuss in that room is private and stays that way. No-one else has access to your treatment records, only the physiotherapists treating you. If you need to see another physio, they will need to access your treatment record but confidentiality is assured.

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